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 Заголовок сообщения: Cheap Hamilton Khaki Aviation 42mm H76665135 watch $225.00
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hamilton khaki watch Hamilton Kaqi field double calendar is equipped with H30 independent movement, combined with accurate and reliable travel time and lasting and stable power. The new wrist watch continues the practical Army Style route. The 42mm size shell has simple lines, strong shape and masculine temperament. The bold digital scale and strong luminous coating pointer of metal material are clear and easy to read under the anti reflection coating sapphire mirror. The big calendar at 6 o'clock position and the 12 o'clock position reflect each other last week. The design of the dial is simple, adding the movement and depth of the dial without affecting the simplicity and openness of the dial. With the combination of black panel and army green / black leather strap, it presents a pure and simple traditional army style, providing more choices for travelers seeking freedom and individuality, and letting Hamilton share the scenery along the way with you

This buying replica watch wristwatch is designed and manufactured by Hamilton and Nicolas Ivanoff, a famous stunt pilot. As a typical air watch, it has both timing function and world time function, as well as automatic adjustment of daylight saving time. Although its functional area is slightly disordered, it is very methodical in use. Let's talk about its function and its constitution first Unlike the 24-hour clock in our daily life, minute is the most important concept of time for pilots. In order to highlight the importance of minute as a time unit, this wristwatch is specially equipped with a 12 minute central timing function, which can be completed by matching the central timing second hand of the wristwatch with the 12 hour scale In particular, the scale between 12 o'clock and 4 o'clock uses a very conspicuous yellow color, which is directly inspired by the free style stunt competition, because in such a competition, the time is strictly set as 4 minutes, and once it exceeds the time limit, it will be fined.

Nicolas Ivanoff, a stunt pilot, must be very approbated for his emphasis on the creativity of minutes. In order to ensure the time coordination of global travelers, especially considering that pilots often go back and forth between different time zones, this wristwatch can provide the world time function of 24 time zones.

replica luxury watchess The time is displayed on the basis of coordinated world time (UTC). Between the inside of the watch circle and the outside of the dial, there are 24 major cities in the world's standard time zones. The wristwatch will be accurate if the Yellow pointer points to which city Make sure to show the local time of that city, so that it is convenient to meet the actual needs of pilots who often travel around the world This wristwatch has two complex functions of world time and timing.

Although it looks a bit messy at first sight, it is very convenient to operate. This wristwatch is equipped with h-41e quartz movement specially developed by Hamilton. Through the convenient push rod specially set at 10 o'clock position, it can realize the function free switching between the timing function and the world time function. The 2 o'clock mode display can intuitively display whether the current mode is timing or world time, which is more convenient for our specific use As a classic work of Hamilton Kaqi Aviation series, the wristwatch is infused with typical flying elements inside and outside. From the yellow and black stripes on the mode display, it can be seen that the design is general, cool appearance, dynamic design, professional technology, practical performance, loaded with unlimited power to soar in the sky, showing a strong spirit of liberalism. For business people and modern travelers, the watch is the perfect copilot.


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