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LISBON, June 20 (Xinhua) -- European Council President Donald Tusk warned the impact a Brexit would have on the European Union (EU) and urged British citizens to vote to stay in the European Union during his official visit here on Monday.

"I want to call for all British citizens, on behalf of, I know that for a fact, almost all European leaders: Stay with us; we need you," Tusk told journalists at the prime minister's residence in Lisbon.

Not only Europe, but also the Western community would become weaker if Britain were to leave the EU, he added.

"The biggest threat, in fact, is what we don't know, about the possible consequences of Brexit and I have no doubt that the political and geopolitical consequences are completely unpredictable," he warned.

"If we have something massive and unpredictable in politics, it always means something very dangerous and this is real, it is not a theory."

When asked what his biggest fear was about Brexit, he replied: "The biggest fear is that it can encourage other Eurosceptics to leave, it can be the first step of disintegration," he said about potential risk of the EU breaking up.

He concluded that in Portugal and other member states you could feel a lack of confidence in Europe which meant a "massive" risk.

His comments came only days before the British go to the polls to decide on whether or not to remain in the EU.

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa also highlighted the risks of a Brexit, pointing out Britain and Portugal had the "oldest bilateral relationship in Europe."

Portugal's progress and a possible sanction for having missed its eurozone deficit target was another issue both officials commented on.

"I am happy to know that Portugal has come a long way since the financial crisis. And I want to be very clear: For sure Portugal is on the right track. I have no doubts," Tusk said.

Costa also highlighted that Portugal was on the right track and insisted the EU not punish the country.

"What is important is to confirm that the implementation this year is running in line with our forecasts, and therefore sanctions are even less justified," Costa pointed out.

"Even though we did not reach the objective last year, this year we are on a positive trajectory, as the execution data both on the revenue side and on the expenditure side have confirmed. I hope that convinces the EU not to apply sanctions of this kind."

Regarding the refugee crisis, Costa said a "common response" was needed by the EU and said a feeling of confidence by citizens in Europe was required to face terrorism, external threats, and economic challenges ahead.

Tusk, who has urged for global solidarity, thanked Portugal for its active role in the refugee crisis and pointed out that the country was an example to follow in this domain. Enditem

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