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While some may look at these shoe inserts as an unnecessary accessory, shoe trees are essential for keeping your shoes in the best shape possible for the lifespan of your footwear.What Makes Shoe Trees Important?Shoe trees are a significant tool in shoe care because they extend the life of both the uppers and insoles of your shoes.Why Do I Need Shoe Trees?Throughout the day, feet sweat. While skate shoes it is a natural process, this moisture absorbs into the lining and leather of the shoe. Unfortunately, this can cause the leather to crack, the footwear to smell, or even the lining to rot; shoe trees help to avoid these problems.

In fact, a shoe tree has two primary purposes:1. to make sure the shoe dries out correctly, and2. to hold the shoe in its proper shape (which also eliminates fine lines from where your shoe flexes)Plus, by using shoe trees to dry out your shoes, you will also keep your leather from cracking.Does It Matter What Type of Shoe Tree I Buy?While each device is made from an absorbent wood to fulfill the purpose of drying out the lining of the shoes, not all shoe trees are created equal. Typically, mister safety shoes they are broken into four categories of trees.

While these are a better-looking option in comparison to the traditional style of shoe tree, varnished shoe trees do not correctly draw the moisture from the leather and lining. In most cases, the best shoe tree options are made of unfinished cedar and contain an entire heel and a split toe. Other helpful tips include: Choose an option that ensures the closest possible fit between your shoe tree and your shoes. While great for travel, plastic or metal shoe trees do Изображение not offer the ideal drying effect for everyday use.

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