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RIO DE JANEIRO, July 10 (Xinhua) -- France, Serbia and Croatia secured the last three berths in the men's basketball event at next month's Rio Olympics following the weekend's final qualifiers.

France booked their place by beating Canada 83-74 in the Philippines on Sunday, steered by San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker, who grabbed 26 points, four assists and four rebounds.

Croatia overcame Italy 84-78 in Turin and Serbia defeated Puerto Rico 108-77 in Belgrade on Saturday.

Group A will comprise France, Serbia, USA, Australia, China and Venezuela. Group B consists of Brazil, Lithuania, Spain, Nigeria, Argentina and Croatia.

The August 5-21 Games will be the first Olympics held in South America. Enditem


DONGFANG Cheap Russell Okung Jersey , China, Oct. 25 (Xinnhua) -- Italian Nicolo Bonifazio of Lampre-Merida Team obtained another victory timing 4:02:18, taking back the yellow jersey at sixth stage in 2014 Tour of Hainan cycling race.

Bonifazio also obtained the green jersey for the best sprinter from his teammate Andrea Palini, while Meiyin Wang from Hengxiang Cycling team still wears his blue jersey that represents best Asian rider Cheap Rayshawn Jenkins Jersey , and Sergiy Grechyn of Ukraine National Team kept the polka-dot jersey as the best climber.

"I am very happy to win another championship, and take back the yellow jersey. The tour climb tomorrow will be a test of whether we can maintain tactics to win the final championship," Bonifazio said.

The sixth stage, featuring three sprints Cheap Dan Feeney Jersey , started at Sanya and finished at Dongfang, covering 182.1 kilometers.

There are three stages remaining in this year' s Tour of Hainan, and the next race that scheduled on Sunday will be a mountain stage of 199.3 kilometers from Dongfang to Wuzhishan.

YANGON, March 27 (Xinhua) -- Myanmar Football Federation (MFF) has joined the FIFA's health program "Protect the Goal" together with Myanmar National League and UNAIDS Cheap Forrest Lamp Jersey , according to MFF on Thursday.

The program will create opportunity to reduce the number of HIV-infected people among youths and educate people through media and share experiences publicly.

Some of local famous football players -- Kyaw Ko Ko and Than Than Htwe will participate in the move, local Freedom Daily said.

An education program on HIV will be continued by the National HIV Planning of the Ministry of Health in cooperation with Myanmar Red Cross and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The "Protect the Goal" program is mainly designed for dealing with the HIV problem in Asian countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines Cheap Mike Williams Jersey , Thailand and Myanmar.

Since 2007, Myanmar has reduced the number of HIV-infected people and the spread of the disease which is particularly prominent among sex workers and drug users.

All 6 men are in the ring as Jeremy Borash announces this main event.

Abyss, James Storm, and Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray Cheap Jahleel Addae Jersey , Kurt Angle, and Bobby Roode

The bell sounds and Bully Ray starts the match out against James Storm. They move around the ring. James then runs to Bully and Bully ducks behind the ropes. He comes forward and they run around the ring some more. He is able to make Abyss come into the ring. As the referee deals with him, Bully tries to take advantage of James, but James knows better. They do lock-up though and Bully puts James in the corner. He attacks him several times. James comes out and he tags Abyss. Abyss enters and Bully is scared. He backs up. He then goes to fight him Cheap Keenan Allen Jersey , but he is too frightened and tags Roode in. Roode enters and they go to lock-up, but Roode kicks Abyss in the gut and punches him several times. He tries to whip him, but Abyss whips in in the corner. Roode comes out and he gives Bobby a big boot. Abyss then runs into the ropes, but Bully kicks Abyss right in the head. Roode gets up and rams Abyss right in the corner of his team. Bully hits Abyss in the corner and then gets off the apron as Roode punches Abyss in the head several times.


Kurt is attacking Abyss as the show returns. He kicks Abyss multiple times in the gut and leg and then punches him as Abyss is down to one knee. Abyss gets up and Kurt continues to punch and kick. Abyss gets down to one knee again. Kurt tags Roode in. He gets in and Abyss pushes both stars away. He then grabs Kurt and Roode by the throat Cheap Antonio Gates Jersey , but they fight Abyss off. Abyss makes his way over to his corner and tags Storm. Storm enters and he attacks both Kurt and Roode. He knocks them down multiple times. He is gaining all of the momentum. Kurt gets up and goes to closeline James, but he ducks. When he rises, Bully comes out of the corner and closelines James down as he was still on the apron. Roode tags Bully in. Kurt follows Roode to the apron. Ray yes in and he whips James into the corner and smashes him while also doing huge chops to the chest. He then lifts James up for a long standing vertical base and then drops him down for a suplex. He then wrenches the arms of James bak. Ray gets up, plants an elbow and covers Cheap Melvin Gordon Jersey , but James kicks out. Ray tags Kurt in. Kurt kicks James. He then waits until James gets up. He whips James in the corner and goes for a closeline, but James kicks Kurt鈥檚 arm and hits a side russian leg sweep. Both crawl and Kurt tags in Roode while James tags Jeff. Both enter and Jeff closelines Roode and then goes to his opponents corner and hits Ray. He continues to go after Roode with multiple offensive moves. He goes for a cover, but Ray comes in and breaks it up. Just then, everyone else enters. Bully goes after Storm while Jeff is kicking Roode in the corner and Abyss is after Kurt as he just tosses him out of the ring.

Check out the latest news on Impact Wrestling featuring Hulk Hogan Cheap Philip Rivers Jersey , Sting, Kurt Angle and more.

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 Заголовок сообщения: Re: Jeff closelines Roode and then
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